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We recently did a breeding that we are excited to tell you about

American Bully Puppies should be born about July 23rd and will be going to their new homes just after September 17 2022!

We are currently accepting deposits to reserve your pup from our recent breeding!

The mother of our recent breeding was born right here at EliteMonsterKennels. She is a granddaughter of DarkDynastyK9s Hulk & BullyBlueGiants Notorious. Her mother, BBG Sequoia is a littermate to DDK Kobe and BBG Giselle. If you are not familiar with DDK Hulk or DDK Kobe, search them up on YouTube. Most of the other dogs you could find with a google search, if you want to see pictures of a specific dog or their pedigree let me know.

EliteMonsterKenneks Nina our 100 lbs black female, was bred 5/23/22 to BullyBlueGiants Khal Drogo, who is 150 lbs tan male. Khal Drogo's mother BBG Giselle, is littermates with Nina's mother, BBG Sequoia. So Khal Drogo's grandfather is also DDK's Hulk. Khal Drogo's father is a tri colored XL bully, Primeyard's Markoff. Khal Drogo is a tri carrier and has already produced some tri carriers and some really big dogs for me when I bred him to Nina's littermate EliteMonsterKennels Nymeria. Lite and Robo were produced from that breeding and I expect similar results from this breeding. You can see pics of Lite and Robo on my Facebook and Instagram, or send me a message and I would be happy to send you more photos and answer any questions you might have!

Khal Drogo

XL American Bully puppies available soon!

Thank you for expressing interest in our bloodline. Our dogs are not your average pit bulls. These are line bred XL American bullies. We have future litters in the planning stage and a couple different styles going down.

Add our social media and let us know what you are looking for. I bet we can help! Our next litters should be announced shortly. Hit us up and let us know what your looking for, we would love to help!

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Elite Monster Kennels specializes in breeding XL American Bullies aka XL American Pit Bull Terriers. We have several female bullies of different sizes and colors that we breed with some of the biggest named studs from the most popular kennels in the XL Bully community. Some of the bloodlines we are producing are Bossy's, BGK's, BullyBlueGiants and Dark DynastyK9s.

*We will deliver or arrange shipping to anywhere that doesn't have breed specific bans**

New York City, Boston Massachusetts, Portland Maine!!


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Why choose Elitemonsterkennels as your pitbull breeder ?

  • Our dogs are properly socialized with people to make them friendlier.
  • We only do a couple breedings each year. Contact us today to find out the latest information on upcoming breedings and make your deposit for a male or female puppy.
  • ​​​​​​​Our pitbulls/ American bullies are available for a variety of prices. Email us today to speak with a dog breeder. We look forward to helping you find your next dog.

All of our female dogs are descendants of the world-famous pitbull, Hulk.

Why our pitbulls make the perfect pets

When our pitbulls are born, we make sure to take excellent care of them. You can rest assured that our XL bullies are well-fed and exercised frequently.

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