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BGK Shadow X BBG Sequoia
Breed 9/25/2020

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Add a Pitbull Puppy to Your Family

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While some may be intimidated by the size and strength of extra-large pitbulls, these gentle giants are outstanding pets. If you love this type of dog, you know that they can be difficult to find. That's where we come in. Home of Sequoia, Daughter to DarkDynastyK9s world famous Hulk and littermate to DDK's Kobe and BullyBlueGiants Giselle. At Elite Monster Kennels we strive to bring you the best tempermented XL Bullies by breeding pitbulls from the most sought after bloodlines in the XL Bully community.

Add a healthy pitbull to your family

Many people choose us as their pitbull breeder because:

Our dogs are properly socialized with people to make them friendlier
We have a new selection of female and male dogs every few months
Some of our dogs are descendants of the world-famous pitbull, Hulk

Our pitbulls are available for a variety of prices. Email us today to speak with a dog breeder. We look forward to helping you find your next dog.

Why our pitbulls make the perfect pets

When our pitbulls are born, we make sure to take excellent care of them. You can rest assured that our XL bullies are well-fed and exercised frequently. We're experienced as both male- and female-dog breeders, which means you can expect a healthy dog regardless of sex. When you come to our dog kennel, we can introduce you to any pitbull you're interested in.

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