Here at Elite Monster Kennels we are dedicated to breeding the perfect family dog. All of our dogs are treated like part of the family and live with various Elite Monster Kennels family members and friends. We feel that this allows us to provide the best care for all our animals. As you can see from the videos and photos, we love to take our dogs on adventures, and they love it too! They all love the attention they get when you take them out. If you decide to own one of our dogs, be ready to meet lots of new people when you go out into public. When Sequoia walks the boardwalk at night near the beach, she cannot walk twenty feet without people wanting to say hello, take pictures and ask questions. She loves it and I love it as an opportunity to educate people on pitbulls and bullies, and also to break stereotypes. Elite Monster Kennels in no way shape or form condones dog fighting or any other type of animal cruelty for that matter.

Learn more about the bully XL breed

Did you know that even within dog breeds there are a wide variety of types? The bully dogs here at Elite Monster Kennels aren't your typical pit bull. To put it in the simplest of terms our dogs are breed from bloodlines of other muscular pit bulls. Our particular pedigree has a lineage that goes back a number of generations.
At Elite Monster Kennels we hope to perfect the bully breed. As an experienced breeder we will work towards breeding bully pups with their most desirable traits.

The bully xl is known for their:

•Playful temperament
•Friendly nature

We invite you to continue to check back on the website for more updates on our particular bully dogs.