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Get a pet from a local dog breeder in Hermon, Maine ( Near Bangor & Portland, Maine)

To get a healthy purebred pitbull, choose a reputable pitbull breeder. Elite Monster Kennels in Hermon, Maine ( Near Bangor, Maine) is a local XL bully breeder that specializes in large pitbulls. We have a new litter of playful puppies coming very soon.

Choose us when you're looking for:

Pitbull puppies
Extra-large bullies
American pitbull terriers

Our mission as a pitbull breeder is to bring awareness, respect and appreciation to the American Pitbull. We strive to bring out the best qualities in our dogs.

Reach out to us today to talk to a local dog breeder.

We can set up the delivery of your puppy for a fee to most locations in the United States. Locations such as anywhere in New York State / New York City and all its boroughs, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten island, and points north including Providence Rhode Island, Boston Massachusetts, Manchester New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine are very close to Maine and delivery can be easily set up. Just ask!

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